About Us

Agape Distribution, Inc. is a charitable, non-profit corporation located in Sidney, Ohio
EIN 30-0224502

Emergency Food Pantry

Founded in 1996 by Rev. John l. Geissler, D.D., Agape Distribution was an outreach arm of the church meeting a social need for grocery insecure individuals. The needs our of community neighbors necessitated a move from the church to its present warehouse location in 1997. This location now serves over 17,000 (non-duplicated) individuals annually. In 2001, Agape Distribution began operating under a distinct non-profit number.

Non-profit Agency Store

As a collaboration with other non-profits, Agape Distribution opened a store for these agencies. New goods and supplies are donated to Agape Distribution, and then accepted, trucked and presented in the non-profit store. Agencies may shop to meet their needs and the needs of those they serve at a fraction of retail. The savings realized affords more money to the actual mission, which is increasing their outreach and the impact in the community.

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